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Drilboor was one of the most straightforward tracks that I have made so far. 

It is a throwback to a riff I came up with I was 13 years old – I had just picked up guitar and was listening to Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and Led Zeppelin’s first two albums constantly.

I imagined Tony Iommi with his white SG and Orange amplifier stack with a prototypical understanding of the basis of riff rock.

I did all of the guitar tracks in one take, and was surprised when the main riff took on a bit of a Jack White essence.

My intention was to stack a light gamut of the different flavors of rock and blues guitar. Starting off with the Jack White style of distorted minimalism layered with some of Page’s psychedelic Telecaster flavored twangy spaciness – capitulated further upon with a wannabe Clapton Blues Breakers run, followed by an unrestrained metal excursion.

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