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My intention with Fission was to create a work that consisted of a myriad of conflicting styles of music. Each one is intended to serve as a complete whole, while still serving its own mechanistic function in the entirety of the album. 

A major concern of mine is for a new listener to hear one of the tracks and develop a mental concept and cognitive shortcut that will place all of my music within a limited framework.

I created each one of these tracks with GarageBand as my primary mixer. For the guitar based tracks, such as “Drilboor (Jackhammer)” and Nimbus, I used Apple’s Jam guitar adapter and double panned each track to give a more full sound than my previous albums.

For my jazz instrumented songs, as well as my world music forays – I used a few synthesizers I learned about when I found out Gorillaz created their album “The Fall” entirely on an iPad.

For my tracks Cumulus and Cirrus, I used BassLine for the backdrop.

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